The Way to Self-Knowledge

Opening up our life to the sacred truths of existence, the timeless facts of reality, is a gradual process. At times it may be filled with wonder and celebration, while at other times there seems to be a heavy battle raging within. Coming to terms with who we really are is certainly a lifelong endeavor; some would even say that this self discovery stretches over the span of many lives. Today we find ourselves living in an age that appears to be at a crossroads of identity.

When we look within and without and see the conflict and confusion, the pain and disasters, we are led to think that this is how life really is and we better just get used to it. But nothing could be further from the truth. Over twenty years ago, I vowed to wake up from this ignorance of identity, with the intention of being of service and sharing the light garnered through my spiritual practice. From years of intense study and meditation, I have recognized that there is a unified field of divine Life and Light Spiritual Inspirationsupporting and enlivening all that we see and are. This wondrous and miraculous field of Identity is far beyond the limitations of human thinking and language.

Many wars are fought over who has the true name or doctrine regarding the nature and operation of this Great Mystery. It has been my experience that the secrets of existence are made known to one whom honestly, humbly, and persistently inquires into any of the great wisdom traditions. My life’s work is to extend the joy of learning, integrating, and applying the timeless truths contained within the various testaments of the Sacred Science. Peace is the final outcome of this learning process, and is a sure sign that one has encountered the living Spirit behind the veil of letters.

We welcome you to johnpellicci.com, and hope that it serves as a resource to enrich and inspire your spiritual well being.  Feel free to blog and browse. If you are in the South Florida area, make it a point to attend one of John’s weekly study groups, or meet with him one on one for direct and personal spiritual counseling.

May your life be filled with grace and gratitude!

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